A Test Booster That WORKS?! Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs


The benefits of high levels of testosterone are widely publicized in the bodybuilding world, and yet so few athletes actually understand the reasoning behind this and how to boost their testosterone levels safely and effectively.

Why is increased testosterone so important for enhanced performance?

Testosterone is naturally high in men – that fact is a given, and is what causes men to have more muscular bodies, facial hair, deeper voices etc. The other guaranteed truth is that after the age of 30, the rate at which the body produces testosterone starts to slow (1).

For athletic men and bodybuilders this is a problem – and one they choose to combat with testosterone enhancing products among other things.

The muscle gain in particular is something which is aesthetically pleasing for many, though this isn’t all it provides – supporting the body to perform better across a range of sports, ensuring a healthy heart and preserving bone density to protect the bones against high intensity training routines. Testosterone is also linked to fat loss, increased stamina, recovery, and performance, giving it a leading edge over every other hormone when it comes to athletic and bodybuilding results.

In short, testosterone helps control a lean muscle mass with decreased body fat, leading to optimum results and enhanced strength.

Boasting 16 key ingredients and a wide following, it is clear that Sergeant Steel is at the top of the testosterone boosting game – what this article looks at is how that is achieved, and what it actually means for the average user.


Why Sergeant Steel is the leading testosterone booster

Designed with a combination of 16 key ingredients, all utilized to the optimum dosage levels to ensure high effectiveness and fast results, Sergeant Steel is the strongest testosterone booster on the market – so much so that its lead ingredient, DAA, is said to increase testosterone levels by up to 42% in just 12 days (2). 


Key ingredients of Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs

First and foremost, we come to the lead ingredient, a D-Aspartic Acid known as DAA, which is a testosterone raw material and is directly responsible for raising testosterone levels by overwhelming percentages, through the stimulation of the endocrine glands to release the luteinizing hormone, the follicle-stimulating hormone, and the growth hormone (3). All three of these hormones impact the results you would expect to see in a young male with high testosterone levels.

Another ingredient found in Sergeant Steel includes testosterone boosting Ashwagandha, also known for enhancing libido and reducing levels of cortisol in the body which can lead to an increase in fat and weight gain. Another ingredient rife in Sergeant Steel’s formula, Fenugreek, boosts the production of the growth hormone and increases strength; while Mucuna Pruriens is linked with the mental well being side of the product to support mood, motivation, and memory (4).

Other ingredients include those added to support bone growth and bone density, ingredients to block the production of increased Estrogen, and carrier ingredients to support the provision of hydration and nutrients around the entire body.

All banded together with military precision, Assault Labs have successfully created a powerhouse product which provides the natural testosterone levels in the body with a real boost – optimizing gains, growth and success – while still maintaining a focus on safety and muscle recovery.


How to incorporate Sergeant Steel into your training regime

Designed in an easy-to-swallow capsule design, Sergeant Steel is packed full of testosterone enhancing punch, with the perfect dosage present which allows for 5 capsules to be taken in the morning, and a further 5 in the afternoon. It is important that users include Sergeant Steel as part of their cycle for up to 8 weeks, before cycling off the supplement for between 6 to 8 weeks to allow the body to rest and recover(4).

Under these recommendations and guidelines, one bottle of Sergeant Steel should last for a full 4 week training cycle.


Where to find Sergeant Steel

To get your hands on these magic pills to boost testosterone, we recommend users shop directly through product creator AssaultLabs.com, where buyers can find user reviews, tips for enhancing your routine with Assault Labs products, and more information on all 16 of the ingredients included in Sergeant Steel.



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